Green Practices

Harborview Nantucket has made it a priority to integrate sustainable design practices so that Green Living can find a prominent foothold on the island. From the large scale adaptive re-use of existing historic structures, to the selection of materials and products that promote energy efficiency, high indoor air quality, and water conservation, Harborview Nantucket resort strives to make a positive contribution to the natural environment that draws thousands of visitors to the island each year.

Energy Efficiency: Energy efficient appliances, light fixtures, and mechanical equipment are all standard at Harborview Nantucket and help keep monthly operating costs lower than conventional models. Natural light fills each space, reducing the need for artificial lighting. 

Indoor Air Quality: Low VOC paints, paperless drywall, formaldehyde-free cabinetry, a high air exchange rate and good insulation keep the interior air fresh and free of airborne allergens and pathogens.

Natural Resources: Many of the exterior and interior materials have recycled content and are themselves recyclable.

Recycling Program: Nantucket’s mandatory recycling program was established in July of 1996. All residential and commercial property owners or occupants are required to recycle. In each of the 11 cottages, we have placed recycling bins in the closest to encourage our guests to help us and the town of Nantucket to recycle. 

Reducing Plastic: Harborview Nantucket has moved away from small plastic guest bath amenities with larger glass refillable dispensers filled with luxurious bath products with the environment in mind. 

Water Conservation: Water conservancy is achieved through the use of dual flush toilets and low maintenance landscaping design that requires little irrigation.

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