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Enjoy the Nantucket Sunset

sunset 2

Nantucket is one of the top locations to enjoy gorgeous beaches, award winning restaurants, and high end shopping, and they are all within walking distance to one another! One of Nantucket’s best kept secrets that you cannot miss are the magnificent sunsets that grace the skies’ over Nantucket that are present all year round. From Madaket to Sconset, all across the island you cannot miss the spectacular views of the sun ending its day as you start your night. The top places to catch the sun as it descends from the sky are:

  • Madaket Beach
  • Cisco Beach
  • Eel Point
  • Smith’s Point
  • Madaket Millie’s Restaurant
  • The Galley
  • Dionis Beach



Another great way to watch the sunset is by being directly on the water. Nantucket boasts some of the best charter boat services on the east coast, many of them offering sunset cruises around the harbor. Some of our favorite sunset cruises are:

A hand built wooden sailboat, The Endeavor, captained by her builder Captain Jim Genther. Feel free to sing along to sea chanties, assist with the rigging, or just sit back with a libation and enjoy the view!

Hop aboard the Minke and enjoy a cruise around the harbor. Sit back and relax with your favorite food and drink as you enjoy an hour and a half excursion around the harbor. Capacity is limited at 23 passengers, so bring your friends along for a gorgeous cruise around the historic harbor of Nantucket reflecting in the glow of the setting sun.



Aboard the Endavor